About Jessica Dudek Wright

Born and raised in Ipswich and now living with her family in Newburyport, Jessica has such a love and appreciation for the North Shore of Massachusetts. She’s had a personal passion for real estate for many years resulting in a variety of her own transactions including both residential and investment properties. Jessica is a realtor, an investor, and a property manager. She is also a wife, a mother, a friend, a volunteer, a dancer, and so much more. She places a high value on my relationships, is fiercely loyal, and strives to do her very best for others. 

In her prior life, Jessica spent many years in the financial services industry where the bar was always set high for everyone. What she got from that experience is a dedication to providing exceptional client experiences, and extensive opportunities to manage, organize, and prioritize to meet aggressive deadlines; skills that are essential to managing real estate transactions – YOUR real estate transactions.

So why should you work with Jessica when you have a choice of countless other agents?

Well, that all depends on what would create a great experience for you. What we can tell you very sincerely, is that, although you may not have met yet, she cares deeply about you and what you’re about to do. Whether you’re buying or selling, you are not a “deal” to her, but a person or family with dreams, goals, and desires that deserve to be cared for. Buying or selling a home can be scary and confusing, she knows, she’s been there on more than one occasion. But Jessica will bring everything she has to the table, and absolutely be your loyal companion guiding you along the path to a SOLD sign.

Jessica wants your experience with her to be one that you will look back on with a smile; where you ended up with the result that met your needs and expectations and knew that she had your back every step of the way. You can depend on her to listen to you and really hear what you want; provide honest feedback and guidance; be respectful of your time; go to bat for you to get the best deal she can; have your satisfaction and peace of mind at the top of her list; take care of the stressful details; and provide an empathetic ear when the need arises. Jessica is committed to doing her very best to represent your interests as a buyer or a seller.

Are you ready to get started? Whether you are looking to sell your home, buy a house to call home, or find the perfect investment property, then Jessica would love to discuss possibilities with you and see how she can help. Please say hello.

Understanding Your Needs. Exceeding Your Expectations.